Golden Goat goat milk, whole canned from France, is considered to be good compared to cow's milk in its content of unsaturated fatty acids (mono and poly) as well as medium-chain triglycerides, which are very beneficial to human health. people. In particular, the size of the fat globule of goat milk is smaller than cow's milk, goat's milk is rich in short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids (MCT), it helps the lipase enzyme in the intestine to break down easily, is absorbed and transferred by the body. turns quickly into energy. Therefore the fat of goat milk is digested, absorbed faster than cow's milk.

The nutritional advantages of goat milk over cow's milk are not only in protein, mineral, vitamin content but also many other components in goat's milk such as fat, namely fatty acids. The high fatty acid content in goat milk provides high nutrition, close to breast milk. The size of fatty acid molecules in goat milk is only 1/9 of the size found in cow's milk, so it is more easily absorbed and does not cause irritation in the intestine. High proportion of short and medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) are able to metabolize and provide energy quickly

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